Studentic! School Agenda


Studentic! School Agenda

Studentic is a school agenda with material design that helps students save their marks and grades, it notifies you for homework, upcoming tests, and exams. It helps students to study better. Features: -Material Design: Studentic has a beautiful material design and stunning animations that will make it both easy and fun to use. It is simply the most beautiful school agenda app! -Marks and grades: Studentic helps you to save your marks and grades and calculate its average according to each subject, which helps you to track your school performance. -Homework: Your homework list is sorted according to the earlier date. The app will notify you for homework on time. -Upcoming tests and exams: Studentic will sort your tests and exams according to the earlier date and notifies you whenever you have a test or exam to study for it. -Multitasking support(some selected Samsung devices). Studentic: marks and grades, homework, tests and exams! Study smart! Keywords: School Agenda, study smart, Marks, grades, homework, tests, exams, student, students, study, Material Design, animations.


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