100 Animals Megamix (Windows Phone)


100 Animals Megamix (Windows Phone)

100 Animals Megamix is a free educational Android app that will help you to teach your 3-6 year old kids about identification of 100 animals commonly found around us or in wildlife sanctuary. This app not only helps you to enhance your kid’s general knowledge, it will be a step advance for getting your kid prepared for the admission tests in good schools. Its educational pitch targets toddlers to teach them about animal sounds. The interface of the app opens with a gallery of animals: there are total 100 animals in the gallery. By browsing the gallery, the kid will be able to know the names, how the animal looks, and will be able to hear the voice of the animal as a mark of its identification: it is a unique database of animal Sounds 100 for toddlers. How the app is unique The app 100 Animals Megamix is unique in terms of its interactive ability with animal sounds free. The list of animals is wisely chosen from all over the world. Animals are introduced in the most elaborate version like with best quality picture, right pronunciation of animal’s name, and digitally recorded Animal Sounds 100 for KIDS, which is the ultimate mark of its identification. It will take few minutes time to get downloaded on your android device; Check its amazing user friendly features: User friendly and easy to understand interface. Best quality digital pictures are used in photo gallery as well as the app presents best quality animal sounds for children education. Users will enjoy the facility of sliding left-right from full screen view to see next picture: side up down in gallery can be done for better navigation. Animal names are pronounced by a professional speaker. The details of individual animals are presented from the most reliable websites: wiki links to mobile versions are provided for detail information. Pictures are size appropriate for all display types and look awesome on tablets. Animals are chosen from both wild and domestic category.


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