L Lockscreen Lollipop style


L Lockscreen Lollipop style

With L Lockscreen Lollipop style you can use the Lock Screen of the new version of Android Lollipop on your device. With this app you will have access to your notifications on your lock screen. You can access at the app that it have notified an event directly touching it. You can enter in to details of the notifications with a swipe down, here you will have a directly access to actions. With one Swipe side on the notification you can easily delete it. Also through a simple Swipe you can unlock the phone, make a call or access the camera. In addition to this we have selected five fantastic images usable as wallpaper of lock screen but alternatively you can select one from the gallery staff or use the same image on the wallpaper. ************************************************************************************************* INSTRUCTIONS: Important: Allow access to notifications to this app to use L Lockscreen Lollipop style at 100%. After installation, open the app and L Lockscreen will start working. Through the appropriate configuration section you can: - Enable / Disable the L Lockscreen Lollipop style - Select an image from the gallery to use as a lock screen wallpaper - Enable / Disable Sound unlock screen - Enable / Disable Vibration - Enable / Disable Pin Code - Choose Format Time Particular attention has been devoted to the complete disabling of the buttons and RETURN HOME used to exit a normal app, and unlock the car in case of incoming call or alarm. Hope you like. Enjoyed white L Lockscreen Lollipop style


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