Zombie Tomb Annihilation


Zombie Tomb Annihilation

The year is 2050 and you are a soldier, who survived the zombie apocalypse. Stuck in a lost tomb, your only way to get out alive is by killing all the zombies. Search for the 7 hidden weapons to help you eliminate the zombies easier, and earn extra bonus coins for each stack of totems(status) collected. Your mission’s objectives are set and clear, good luck soldier! Game features: -30 levels -3 missions -7 powerful weapons: AMT Skipper, Blastershot, Undead Blaster, Ironweaver, Gladiator’s Rifle, Zombinator, Brainator. -Different zombies and monsters -Ancient game theme -Free to play. How to Play: 1. Tap on the screen to shoot 2. Earn coins by killing zombies 3. Earn an extra bonus when you collect a lost totems


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